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Optimize your patient experience

Adherence, analysis surveys, medical equipment interconnexion, home hospitalization… are the many services that PXCom platform allows you to manage very securely.

PXCom technology enables you to monitor in real time your patients as well as their medical equipment. Blockchain add a full secured and anonymized layer for medical data management. These data are accessible by the right recipient in the right context:

check Medical staff get the useful information to make the right medical choices and can measure the therapeutic efficacy

check Medico-technical service providers to raise their productivity and quality of service

check Patients themselves to feel more comfortable, secured and accountable.

Digital Services categorization as it is managed by PXCom platform enables segmenting the data and information. Hence, they can be accessed according to the home-hospitalization stakeholder’s clearance level, and patient’s selection.

A large choice of features to leverage patient’s care.


« Thanks to our platform, medical stakeholders now benefit from a turnkey secured solution, customized to their activity. »

Cyril Jean

Personalize your multimedia platform

Whatever is your topic, you can personalize our services platforms relying on the comprehensive portfolio of digital & multimedia features or, if you wish, we can develop some dedicated to your business thanks to our France-based software team, close to Bordeaux. We are agile and are looking forward to quickly customize your solution to reach a perfect match with your communication strategy and targets usages.

Discover some other uses cases of our Digital Services Platform:

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Discover how PXCom can boost your communication & marketing strategies.

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